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Hospice Truths & Myths

Hospice Truths

Hospice is a service that comes to your home and provides physical, emotional, and spiritual comfort in the manner you choose when you have a life-limiting illness.

Hospice Myths

Hospice is a place you go when you have a life limiting illness.
Hospice care is appropriate when treatments are no longer effective or desired. An early referral to hospice enables patients and families to fully benefit from Brighton Bridge's support and service. Hospice is only for the last few days or weeks of life.
Hospice encourages the patient's physician to continue to follow the patient and fully participate in their care. Accepting hospice care means the patient can no longer see their own physician.
Hospice care is for patients and their loved ones during any life-limiting illness. Hospice cares for only patients diagnosed with cancer.
Care is provided wherever the patient lives. Hospice encourages and assists patients to be as active as possible. Hospice patients must be homebound.
Patients may choose to leave the program and seek more aggressive treatment. Once a patient is admitted into a hospice program, they cannot choose to leave.
Hospice is very different. Many more services are provided and at less cost to the patient. Hospice care is no different than home health.
There is NO requirement that states a patient must have a DNR order to receive hospice care. Hospice patients must have a DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) order in place prior to obtaining assistance from hospice.
Hospice provides free bereavement support for families for 13 months after patient care ends. Hospice services stop when patient care ends.
Many different medications are used to obtain a patient's comfort. Hospice nurses encourage the use of morphine for all patients.

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