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Nurses & Aides


  • Cindy Boswell, RN
  • Dianne Burby, RN
  • Nikki Davis, LPN
  • Joyce Fisher, LPN
  • Sandi Hebert, RN
  • Melinda Kellar, RN
  • Kerri McCullough, RN
  • Tammy Peloquin, RN
  • Michele Phillips, RN
  • Carla Richmond, RN
  • Taylor Stroud, RN
  • Shelly Trahan, RN
  • Blake WIlliams, RN

Nurses Aides

  • Alice Brisco, CNA
  • Brandi Ceasar, CNA
  • Tammy Francis, CNA
  • Torie Francis, CNA
  • Tara Edwards, CNA
  • Kristy Jones, CNA
  • Lauren Kibodeaux, CNA
  • Melissa Marcantel, CNA
  • Priscilla Mayfield, CNA
  • Roni Ogea, CNA
  • Veronica Sheridan, CNA
  • Evelyn Skinner, CNA
  • Geneva Wilson, CNA

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Brighton Bridge Hospice provides a way of compassion for individuals and their families that are faced with a life-limiting illness.


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