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Thank you for your prayers and kindness and all that was done for Henry. He’s rejoicing with our Heavenly Father in Heaven.
We want to thank you for all you did to take care of Lorraine. Everyone of your team was wonderful. We appreciate the work and the concern for our family.
To Juanita, Carla and Jessica and the members of the Brighton Bridge Hospice Team, I want to thank you for the wonderful care that you provided for my Husband in his last days. You provide loving care in his time of need. It would have been very hard to manage without your help! Thank you again for being so caring in all you do.
Dear Brighton Bridge Hospice, we had wonderful care for Floyd. Lisa and Melinda were so kind and caring. I have a great peace that he got the best care we could have ever given him. God was so good to take him before he needed a feeding tube. All of your staff was great and every one was always kind and loving to us. God Bless your work. Yours in Christ.
We wish to thank you for the support your team provided during Stephan’s final stage of life. We appreciate you all for going beyond the call of duty to provide him comfort and often times just for lending an ear to listen to his complaints and fears. We have never experienced this type of situation before and were unaware of the expectations of the Hospice group. We appreciate your patience with us and your willingness to continue working with Stephan and all of us throughout this process. May God Bless each and every one of you.
Mom would have turned 90 this month. I just wanted to take this time to thank everyone at Brighton Bridge who touched our lives with caring and kindness during her illness and passing. With Sincere Thanks.
Thank you for all the compassion and care you gave to my precious husband in his final days of life.
Thank you for all you did to make my Dad’s final days as calm and comfortable as they were.
Thank you for the care you gave our Mother, Grandmother and Great Grandmother. We appreciate it very much. The spiritual group is amazing and truly dedicated in their tasks, may God continue to bless you with his spirit and wisdom. To the nursing staff, ‘Thanks’ for your knowledge and willingness to share it with us. Thanks especially for keeping Mom as comfortable as possible. Words can never express our gratitude. To Miss TC, Thanks for the friendship and sharing to your family’s life with us, it made our day. To the rest of the staff-Thanks for any and all assistance you provided. We are deeply grateful.
Although Sonny wasn’t with you all very long, I appreciate everyone who saw about him. You’re care and sympathy was greatly appreciated.
To the staff of Brighton Bridge Hospice, on behalf of my family and I, we wish to thank you for the loving care for our father, grandfather and my husband. Thank you for the tender loving care you gave him and for the concern you had for me. We love you all. Take care and God bless each and every one of you.
Dear Brighton Bridge Hospice, for the very short time we had the connection with Hospice, a huge impact was made in our lives. To Juanita, Sandy, and Melinda, thank you for getting us started on our last journey with mom. To Toya; you lovingly cared for our Mom’s personal hygiene. Mom smelled so pretty and looked so refreshed after her shampoo and bath. It did our hearts so good and I know mom felt the difference. Thank you Toya. To Joyce, who came in for the last mile of mom’s journey. The last mile always seems to take the longest but yet; it isn’t long enough. Joyce sat with us, shared with us the process, hugged us, listened to our fears and sadness and gave us some alone time but even more importantly, Joyce was there for our Momma. Joyce provided our Mom with care and tenderness and tried to help Mom to be as comfortable as possible. Words can’t express all that Joyce gave us but to you, Joyce, we send our sincerest “Thank you”. Thank you Jesus for our beautiful Mom. “Thank you” all for being there for families like ours.
We would like to thank each of you that was involved with my Mom’s care during her last weeks. You were a blessing to all of us, just knowing you were there and could be called on at any time. It was the most difficult time and you made it a little easier. God Bless all of you.
Dearest Melinda, Many thanks to you and your colleagues for the care you gave to my brother, Jim, during his last months. Please also tell Joyce I appreciate so much her last words to him. In case you missed it, I’ve enclosed the obituary I placed in the Lake Charles paper. Jim showed such promise, but simply had bad luck as a young man. Again, thank you.
Just a word of appreciation for the team that attended and took care of my beloved wife, Loretta, in her time of need. Their compassion and caring was above reproach and for that I and my family is indeed thankful. May the good Lord continue blessing them and their work. A great ‘Thank You’ for everything.
Thank you for the wonderful care that you gave our Mother and for the comfort and support that you gave to our family during our time of need. Your kindness is greatly appreciated and will be remembered always.
Thank you for all the love and care you gave to Mom. You and your organization helped us through so many difficult times. Your dedication and tender loving care will be remembered by each of the family. It was a comfort to have Mrs. Fontenot at the funeral home.
To the staff of Brighton Bridge Hospice, please accept my heartfelt gratitude for the care and respect you provided to my grandfather over the past few months. My family, especially my Aunt Judy, can not be more grateful that his final days were filled with love and dignity. It takes very special angels to do your jobs!

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